Course Development Information
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Your level of involvement in the development process is up to you. Stylex can develop graphics, interfaces, sound and video files, and digital transitions for on-line courses from scratch or from what you provide us.
  • Graphics for your courses can be developed from those your give to us or from scratch.

  • Environments can be developed from your designs, your files, or Stylex can develop them for you. Environments are the backgrounds and screen environments for your course materials.

  • Interactives can be developed to provide excellent and even realtime communication. They can include:

    • On-line forms which, when filled out on screen by your course participants, can be automatically be sent to your email address,

    • Email buttons which allow your course participant to send email to you right from within the course without having to load their own email software,

    • Chat rooms can enable your course participants to gather on line for class discussions in realtime,

    • Bulletin boards which enable you to post messages for everyone to read. These can also be used for others to post messages,

    • Communication screens which allow course participants to click on a classmate's name and send an email message to them.

  • Sound files can be developed from your RealAudio files provided to us, from .wav files provided to us, or simply provide us with regular audio cassette tapes and we'll adapt them for the Web.

  • Video files can be developed from your RealVideo files provided to us, from .avi files provided to us, or from regular video cassettes or digital camera disks. We'll adapt them to the Web.

  • Photographs can be placed on your screens from files you provide us. We can also scan your photgraphs and create the files for you.

  • Digital transitions are developed by Stylex to move the course participant from one screen to another. They can be simple screen changes or pop up windows. They can be triggered by hyperlinked words or fancy graphics.

Have a look at a sample lesson provide below. Entries to other developed courses are by password only. All screens are copyrighted by © Stylex Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Development costs are billed at $65/hour.
  Sample Lesson Open to the Public

All screens © Stylex Publishing Co.,Inc