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Evaluation Copies of Textbooks and Software Tutorials
for IBM/ Windows and Mac/Hypercard are available!

(see below)

Stylex's policy for evaluation copies:

    1. You may keep the book and software at no charge if you adopt it for your class.
    2. If you decide not to adopt it, either please pay the invoice or return the book and software.
    To request an examination copy, click here:

    Professor Packets are also available!

    Stylex also provides teaching materials (Professor Packets) upon classroom adoption of:

    Educational Administration (2nd Edition)
    The 21st Century Principal


Packets contain:
  • Free transparency masters for the entire textbook!
  • Free hard copy of the testbank with hundreds of suggested multiple-choice questions!
  • Free essay questions for each chapter.
  • Automatic invitation to co-author the next software edition by simply submitting more questions . . . an easy way to get another publication for your resume!
  • Free test writing service! Just circle the item numbers you want on your exam. We'll put your name and your university's name on the top of the test and we'll output two laser-quality copies for you to use any way you please. We'll do it every semester you adopt the text. Take a load off your secretary. Use our free service!

Professor's materials packets are sent only upon adoption.

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